Managing your money back home shouldn't suck!
Seamlessly send, receive and control your money back home with a digital wallet made uniquely for the African diaspora.
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Tréo is for entrepreneurs
Control your business finances without relying on friends or family. Receive payments directly from customers and transfer your funds to your bank accounts at home and abroad.
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Sadio just paid your business 10,000 CFA
for 2 chickens
Tréo is for communities
We know it takes a village to do what you do. So we made it easy for communities to send and receive donations from members across the globe.
Fundraising goal reached - 10 participants
You've reached your fundraising goal of
₵300,000 for Nadia's Medical Expenses
Tréo is for individuals
Send secure payments to your loved ones back home in minutes. Easily set up recurring transfers - we’ll keep track so it’s one less thing for you to remember.
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